23 Nov 2023

Raising a spirited glass to bluemarlin’s 30th anniversary

Our limited-edition 30th anniversary bluemarlin rum was special for so many reasons, making it a unique and commemorative choice for our celebrations.

We wanted to create something for the wider bluemarlin family to relish and enjoy. The team, the stakeholders, clients old and new – everyone who has accompanied us on our exciting adventure, which began back in 1993 when Andrew Eyles and David Hodgson first set up the agency.

The final product needed to represent bluemarlin. We’re a global, outward-looking, adventurous company that sees value and beauty in craft, dedication and human experience.

We’re continually questioning and eternally curious, and we embrace the world in all its beauty and chaos as we aim to inspire, surprise and delight with work that strikes a chord and ignites a conversation.

Our 2011 Barbados rum, crafted at the famous Foursquare Distillery which dates back to 1636, reflects who we are and answered the brief perfectly. We sourced the rum via a UK broker in whom we’d recently invested as a promising challenger and innovator within our ‘Incubator VC fund’.

The combination of extended aging, specific cask choices and innovative finishing processes makes this limited-edition rum a truly special and unique offering – making it a fitting choice to commemorate bluemarlin’s 30th anniversary.

Aged for an impressive 12 years, the rum underwent an extended maturation process that contributed to its complexity and depth of flavour. Kept in the finest oak casks, the rum absorbed distinctive characteristics, resulting in a well-developed and nuanced flavour profile that is truly one-of-a-kind – much like bluemarlin.

The flavour journey started with ex-bourbon cask aging, where the spirit gained a layer of richness and warmth. The wood imparted unique aromas, crafting a distinct character that sets our rum apart from the rest. To elevate this exceptional blend further, Pedro Ximénez sherry cask finishing added a sweet and luscious dimension, further enhancing the complexity of the liquid.

The result is a harmonious balance of flavours that captivates the senses. Overripe fruit, butterscotch, pear drops and tobacco, leading to a mid-palate characterised by dried fruit, gently smoked oak and a subtle suggestion of tar, culminate in a finish that’s long, mouth-coating and adorned with tropical notes.

bluemarlin’s rum also underwent a finishing process in the UK’s first ‘warm room’ at Libations Rum in the heart of Yorkshire – an innovative approach that added an extra layer to the aging process and further distinguished our anniversary edition.

bluemarlin’s limited-edition release is a pure single cask gem, making it a collector’s item and adding to its rarity. Rums from Foursquare are highly sought after, so the association with such a distinguished distillery adds another element of prestige to our anniversary offering.

As we celebrate three decades of passion and dedication, this commemorative bottle reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

It’s more than a spirit; it is a testament to the journey we’ve been on over three decades.