19 Dec 2023

Breathing new life into history

We’re thrilled to invite you behind the scenes of a truly special project that has captured our hearts and ignited our creative spirits.

I’m Andrew Eyles, CEO of Bluemarlin, and I’m eager to share the remarkable journey we’ve undertaken in giving St. Margaret’s Church a fresh and creative identity that reverberates through its 275-year history.

A historic canvas

St. Margaret’s Church, nestled in the serene grounds of Soho House & Co’s Somerset-based flagship, Babington House, has long been a silent witness to history. Although not officially part of Soho House & Co, its significance in the weddings hosted by Babington House drew us into a collaboration that promised to transform the very essence of this historic gem.

Crafting St. Margaret’s story

St. Margaret’s, with its Grade I listed beauty, had never experienced a dedicated brand identity in its long and storied history. Our mission was clear: celebrate the charm of its liturgical blue ceilings, its intimate size, and the warmth of Bath stone. The challenge was monumental, but it was met with enthusiasm and creativity.

Led by our Executive Creative Director David Hodgson and Senior Creative Designer Eduardo Morillo, our team embarked on a creative journey inspired by St. Margaret’s architectural grace. We sought to create a brand that spoke to both potential visitors and the local community, capturing the essence of the church without leaning into overtly commercial or religious overtones.

The church’s unique pale lavender hues became the muse for our colour palette, crafting a contemporary yet timeless design that seamlessly integrates with today’s multiplatform channels. It was crucial for us to navigate the delicate balance of preserving history while embracing modernity.

Balancing St. Margaret’s independence and its connection to Babington House presented challenges that required finesse and collaboration. What began as a project to generate funds for the church’s restoration transformed into a collaborative effort, with Babington House recognising the shared vision and contributing financially to support the church’s upkeep.

Driven by our passion for history and architectural significance, we undertook the entire project pro bono. It was a unique opportunity to flex our creative muscles and contribute to preserving historical treasures within communities.

A renaissance unveiled

As the newly designed website and creative brand identity step into the limelight, St. Margaret’s Church embarks on a renaissance journey. Plans for the 275th-anniversary celebration, featuring special editions of candles, calendars, and a charity dinner hosted by Babington House, aim to raise funds for essential renovations. St. Margaret’s is not just a church; it’s a cherished community space on the verge of a beautiful renaissance.

In closing, let me echo David Hodgson’s sentiment, “As the newly designed website and creative brand identity find its way into the world, showcasing St. Margaret’s rich history and upcoming events, the church is setting out on a renaissance journey.”

Join us as we celebrate the harmonious blend of creativity, preservation, and shared vision, breathing new life into the historic canvas of St. Margaret’s Church.