15 Dec 2023

Crafting Castania: Artisanal Lebanese Nuts

When Castania first approached us, it was a hidden gem with exceptional products and a rich history. However, its existing doy pouch packaging failed to capture the essence of its story and the superior quality that set it apart. Our mission was clear – to give Castania the visual identity and packaging it deserved, propelling it into the premium global market.

Castania’s journey began in 1977 as a flourishing coffee-making venture before transitioning into nut production in the mid-80s. Our challenge was to tell this remarkable story through design, creating a narrative that celebrated the family’s passion for quality and legacy.

Our lead brand designer, Guy Robertson, took the reins and reimagined Castania’s nut-shaped logomarque and brand script, once corporate, evolved into a handwritten style, embodying the personal, familial, and traditional aspects of the business.

To enhance customer engagement, we devised a new muted colourway system for easy navigation. Recipe numbers and personal statements on the packaging added a human touch, allowing customers to connect with Castania on a deeper level. This departure from mass-market cues celebrated the exceptional ingredients and flavor combinations that defined Castania’s uniqueness.

Our dedication to detail extended to product photography, shifting from flat CGI expressions to artistic imagery that brought the ingredients to life. The result? A visual feast for the eyes that showcased Castania’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

The creative strategy went beyond the present, ensuring that Castania can evolve seamlessly into new flavour combinations or entirely new product ranges. This built-in flexibility was designed to grow with the brand, reflecting our commitment to long-term success.

Castania will still offer both packaging options, but the primary focus for export is to utilise the tin, a strategic move to elevate the range. The tin enhances the elegance of the product and the durability improves the efficiency of export logistics, turning it into an airtight storage unit for extended shelf life. The metal seal, when unbroken, preserves moisture and fragrance, ensuring optimal quality and delivering a ‘just roasted’ taste.

The transformation was nothing short of a “wow” moment, mirroring the “wow” quality of Castania’s products.

Bluemarlin CEO Andrew Eyles sums up our approach: “The packaging design tells a 360° story, emphasising the uniqueness, craftsmanship, and passion behind the product. It comes together not only to communicate quality but also to narrate the brand’s journey from its roots in Beirut to its global expansion.”

Castania’s CEO, Peter Daniel, echoed the sentiment, stating, “Bluemarlin is a true partner. Thanks to Bluemarlin, everyone will understand that our range is more artisan in production and gastronomic in taste than ordinary brands. We’re ready to take on the world!”

As we proudly unveil Castania’s new identity to the world, we invite you to join us in celebrating the culmination of a journey – a journey of craftsmanship, passion, and the art of storytelling through design. Castania is no longer just a nut brand; it’s a visual and sensory experience ready to captivate the global stage. Stay tuned for Castania’s grand entrance into premium markets worldwide!