Escape and be inspired

Down Arrow

Since 1993, bluemarlin has understood the potential of splendid isolation, beyond the cliché of a rural picture postcard. Here, in the south-west of England, creativity is in abundance.

We are a stone’s throw away from Babington House, where Soho House chose to open its first private members club and hotel outside of London. Globally renowned gallery Hauser & Worth recently opened an outpost close by in Bruton. Experimental chefs, media entrepreneurs, artisans and makers, writers, musicians and those with a genuine youthful spirit, have all been drawn to this different kind of rural-rhythm.

And in our own “hub,” a converted farm in a small Somerset village, we think and strategise and creatively solve problems for global clients thousands of miles away.

Many of our clients have felt the magnetic draw of this place and made a creative pilgrimage to spend time with us. Not in order to take it easy and enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation, but to think deeply, strategically and at pace about their brand challenges. Complemented by a stunning location, comfort and good karma. Well worth the journey.

We invite you to experience ‘bluespace’ first-hand, to imagine and realise your future potential.