26 Oct 2017

KOFF Crisp launches with a bold identity by bluemarlin

Finland’s leading brewery Sinebrycoff has launched KOFF Crisp, a rebrand of their Nikolai range of non-alcoholic beers with a bold and unapologetic identity by bluemarlin New York.

With the growing demand for better-for-you drink alternatives, Sinebrycoff saw the opportunity to offer a deliciously refreshing yet proudly non-alcoholic beer that would appeal to any consumer looking for great taste without the buzz. It also saw the potential to promote the brand as a recovery drink, therefore providing KOFF drinkers with a delicious reason to celebrate as well as a refreshing way to recuperate.

Bluemarlin was tasked with creating a distinctive brand identity that maintained a strong connection to the KOFF Masterbrand; to develop a name that immediately conveyed refreshing authenticity; and to create a bold packaging design that unabashedly communicated the product’s non-alcoholic offering. They were also challenged to develop a packaging strategy to migrate the brand from Nikolai to KOFF Crisp in order to create intrigue and introduce the brand to its loyalists and new consumers alike. The full scope of the project also included portfolio architecture, brand strategy and storytelling.

Pride, not hide.

Key to naming was capturing the product’s taste profile in a visceral way. KOFF Crisp immediately conveys the refreshingly delicious flavour and satisfying experience of the alcohol-free beverage whilst also embodying the energetic nature of the brand.

The design is minimal and unapologetic with the brand name boldly printed horizontally in a metallic silver typography. Featuring sharp edges, the brand mark embodies a confident spirit. Borrowing cues from its masterbrand, the can is a dark blue with KOFF endorsing the brand in lighter blue. Coloured tabs communicate the different variants and are mirrored onto the back of pack to create a space for the brand story. There is also a bespoke icon system, featuring a unicorn and a fist pump, to convey the product’s characteristics and benefits in a cheeky way. The design is signed-off with the KOFF’s logo.

“We wanted the design KOFF Crisp to make consumers feel like they are just as much part of the celebration as anyone one else, even without the alcohol,” comments Katie Eaton, Creative Director at bluemarlin New York. “The bold minimalism of design is in your face with no fuss and no frills, giving the brand great impact at shelf. It establishes a successful link to the KOFF legacy whilst being able to confidently stand on its own.”

To celebrate the launch of KOFF Crisp, 350,000 cans of the product are going to be given out as samples. With only 2.5 million households in Finland, this is an incredible amount and illustrates Sinebrycoff ‘s ambition to not only raise awareness for KOFF Crisp, but also to drive consideration of the non-alcoholic beer category.

“We’ve great confidence that KOFF Crisp will be a game-changer in non-alcoholic beer category, giving it the transformative energy it needs to drive growth,” comments Alexander Sneen, Vice President of Marketing at Sinebrycoff. “The bold work by bluemarlin shows that KOFF Crisp is a desirable choice for anyone looking for the best of both worlds – an indulgent yet healthy beverage with a smooth yet refreshing taste for a wild yet tame night. With cheeky and unapologetic attitude, it successfully showcases that KOFF Crisp is the unicorn of beers; delivering the authentic beer taste you love, but without the alcohol.”

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