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Formerly a small player in a niche category, Sensodyne is now a $1b+ brand globally. Its success has been built on a simple insight that nearly 1/3 of us suffer from sensitivity pain in our teeth but do nothing about it, and do not associate its treatment with a toothpaste. This was a mainstream opportunity to provide a distinct solution to an un-met need.


Our strategy, ‘bring the Dentist out of the surgery’, communicated expertise and authority in treating the condition. This led us to renovate the brand marque and strengthen the semiotic protective meaning of our recognised equity ‘rings’, that are intrinsic to Sensodyne. Our brand archetype became the sage, a clinical expert and cosmetic professional. This packaging utilised a new ‘fresnel lens’ printing technique that created a 3d hologram effect on a 2d surface.

the results

Sensodyne Repair & Protect became the fastest selling toothpaste of all time.

The jewel in GSK’s Consumer Healthcare division, it has enjoyed double digit annual growth, become the category leader, achieved global revenues of over $1 billion per annum, and has won a DBA Design Effectiveness Award, as well as a Marketing Society Grand Prix Award.

we wanted to bring the dentist out of the surgery

in the words of the client

“Bluemarlin’s design delivered a premium ‘value adding’ brand experience in the hand, with sensitivity-sufferers across the globe. It unified our brand under a consistent identity that integrated all our communication activity, and delivered powerful marketing impact to our business.

Today Sensodyne leads the sensitivity category, and we continue to grow brand share through innovation, incremental distribution and the impact of our brand equity at shelf and on line.”

Simon Ritchie, Design and Ideation Director, GlaxoSmithKline


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