release the bear


Karhu is Finnish for ‘bear’, a recognised figure of Finnish folklore. For Carlsberg’s Karhu, the bear features front and centre of the brand, celebrating its provenance and its iconic status at every touchpoint.


The design drew inspiration from the sauna – a popular place in which to socialise and drink in Finland. Fronted by a genuine Finnish sauna outer grill in brilliant gold and utilising a sauna scoop handle, the font sits confidently and comfortably in this setting. The mesh design introduces unique textural elements that elevate Karhu above the competition and emphasise its premium credentials.

the results

The commanding new look combines texture and structure to bring outstanding presence to one of Finland’s best-loved heritage brands. Like the bear, the structure is towering and striking in any bar setting. When illuminated, it showcases Karhu’s bold branding and proves alluring to drinkers from all angles.

Karhu's iconic bear has been re-energised with a mean new look

a word from our studio

“It was a privilege for our team to work with this strong-minded brand. We strived to maintain the familiar relationship Karhu enjoys with the Finnish people whilst re-energising a classic.”

David Hodgson, bluemarlin Founder and Executive Creative Director

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