reimagining the engine lubricant brand experience


Repsol, the Spanish energy and petrochemical leader, globally supplies products and services designed to make lives easier. Their lubricants are formulated for the world’s most demanding engines but their packaging wasn’t supporting this story.

Simple in form, the bottle silhouette was seen internally as a key equity of the brand, however its rather dated structural design was in need of a refresh to bring it into the modern
world of dynamic power.

In a collaboration led by Repsol’s strategic brand partner Interbrand Madrid, we set out to modernise the pack structure, drawing on our technical expertise in 3D industrial design and our 20+ years experience in branding oil lubricants globally.

Guided by the brand idea of “Powering your evolution” , the aim was to optimise the overall engine oil brand experience.


Based on the strategic idea of “reimagining (technological innovation) the finest lubricants (premium quality) for your world (specialised versatility) , differentiation was key in creating an authentic Repsol look and feel.

Thought was given to the smallest details such as the transitional textures, embosses and clean, continual lines to elevate the premium feel. Inspiration was drawn from the angles found on vehicle bodies, as well as the geometric shape of the word mark. The handle placement and enhanced grip were used to optimise the user’s ergonomic experience.

To support Repsol in achieving their sustainability ambitions, a key challenge was to simultaneously reduce the material weight and production costs of each unit, whilst innovating the aesthetic design. The feasibility of reducing the material, whilst maintaining strength, was validated through FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) testing.

the results

The new silhouette moves away from the competition and takes the brand into a visionary new space with a clean, fluid elegance that evolves around the bottle, bridging the gap between the human world of the user and the mechanical world of the vehicle.

The structural design language reflects the brand’s agile and forward-thinking philosophy and presents Repsol as a leader who is powering the evolution of energy and fuels.

Bluemarlin’s structural innovation has re-energised the Repsol user experience.

Bluemarlin’s solution aesthetically premiumises our packaging, reduces our production costs and environmental impact.

- Teresa Iza, Senior Brand Manager, Repsol -

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