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Today, Indian mothers increasingly seek holistic growth for their children that goes beyond mere physical attributes. Leading brands in the milk food drinks category not only promise more relevant functional benefits but also ladder them to higher-order aspirations – confidence, success, performance etc. With the claim of “2X faster growth”, Zydus Wellness was concerned that Complan’s proposition solely focussed on physical benefits. They approached bluemarlin to refresh and re-establish its position in the market in order to regain share from the competition. Ultimately, this meant driving relevancy with mothers and children.


bluemarlin’s new evolutionary design highlights Complan’s revised value proposition around “Health plus”. Staying true to the brand’s core proposition, we retained its “clinically proven 2x faster growth” claim while also bringing alive its additional benefits around holistic growth and functionality through clear copy, iconography and FOP stand out. While we retained key assets associated with high customer recall, we refreshed the brand identity through its brand mark to depict modernity, progressiveness and consistency.


In a country where education had become an almost evangelical pursuit over past decades, driven by the rise of Edtech giants and inspired by the plethora of Indian CEOs running the worlds largest organisations, brands like Complan had a huge opportunity to support the ‘great leap forward’ India’s youth is taking. Complan’s evolved proposition, and resulting livery, allowed the brand to play a credible and active role in this rapidly shifting marketplace, typified by their resulting partnership with Whitehat, India’s foremost maths and coding educational platform.

The new Complan offers a faster growth benefit while promising to make kids ready for their future and success.

Complan occupies a very differentiated and strong space in the Indian mindset, making any evolution a sensitive and challenging affair. Achieving that sensitivity, while futureproofing the brand for years to come was vital to achieving the objectives of this brief.

- Ashwini Pable, Executive Strategy Director, bluemarlin -

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