Muller Skyr

Müllerlicious Icelandic Style


Skyr is a staple of the Icelandic diet, thicker than the average yogurt and packed with protein goodness, appealing to young adults who care increasingly about what they put into their body. To engage this audience, Müller recognised the need to communicate naturalness, playfulness and deliciousness with a touch of style.


The key feature of the design is the hand-drawn, pattern-filled letters of ‘SKYR’ set against a natural cream background. Realistic product photography and Müller’s signature corner showcase the healthful goodness of the ingredients. Colours adapt to the flavours of each variant, giving the range a distinctive and enchanting character on shelf.

the results

Müller Skyr has been listed in Morrisons and Co-op since June and Tesco, Asda and Waitrose since July 2020, to wide acclaim. The launch was supported by a multi-million pound marketing campaign, starring brand ambassador Dina Asher-Smith – the first British woman to win a major global sprint title.

We wanted to bring out a different side of Iceland, one that aligned with Müller’s fun, pleasure-filled personality

a word from our studio

“The design hits the right balance between tradition and modernity, freshness and richness, good for you and good-fun. It brings that heritage story to life in a way that is quaint and quirky, celebrating Iceland’s contribution to the world.”

David Hodgson, bluemarlin Founder and Executive Creative Director


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