Koff Long Drink

a long time in the making


The Finnish ‘long drink’ is a unique category with a fascinating history. It dates back to the early 1950s when the Finnish government granted a single licence to a drinks manufacturer to create an alcoholic beverage in honour of the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. However, despite proud associations, the category had been in slow decline for many years, dominated by the same original producer and a few private label look-alikes.

Sinebrychoff, the oldest trading brewery in the Nordics, saw an opportunity to redefine the category, challenging drinkers to reappraise and rediscover something first enjoyed by their parents or grandparents.


Our creative solution for KOFF Long Drink was entitled “Out of the Blue” and disrupted the category with a modern and playful aesthetic that referenced the maritime heritage of Helsinki, and crafted detail that echoed the quality of the liquid in the can (a cocktail made with the finest quality local gin). The design uses classic cyan blue that is instantly associated with the category but also cleverly incorporates KOFF’s signature red and iconic horse logo, immediately connecting the new product to the brand’s timeless values of quality and great taste. A range of flavour-driven line extensions quickly followed as well as trade communications featuring the headline:

‘The drink it took us 200 years to make. Sorry for the wait.’

the results

In Sinebrychoff’s 200th anniversary year, KOFF Long Drink took the market by storm, achieving almost instant widespread awareness, converting into impressive sales by achieving double its projected volume targetand delivering growth for an entire category that had been in year-on-year decline for over six years. KOFF Long Drink was the winner of a 2019 Effie Award and a GDUSA Packaging Design Award.

Sinebrychoff challenged contemporary drinkers to reappraise and rediscover something first enjoyed by their parents or grandparents.

We’re thrilled with how KOFF Long Drink stands out on shelf. Through design and physical availability in-store, it highlights where many competitors have neglected the need to evolve.

- Juhani Jalkanen, Marketing Director, Cider & RTDs at Sinebrychoff -

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