Kinnie Spritz

Kinnie with a kick


After the successful re-design of their core brand, Kinnie briefed us to define the strategic rationale and design direction for the development of the brand’s
first ever alcoholic beverage – ‘Kinnie Spritz’.


Tapping into the aperitif occasion, the Kinnie brand needed to evolve to serve a more premium and sophisticated proposition, clearly communicating its alcoholic content while maintaining the connection to the core brand.

the results

The design balances a contemporary style illustration, mixed with a classic typography that is evocative of an era. The result feels elegant and timeless, yet full of energy. At the same time, our digital and OOH communications capture the spirit of a ‘Kinnie Spritz moment’, inviting consumers to close their eyes, feel the heat, hear the waves, sit back, and relax. All in all, Kinnie Spritz has been a resounding success.

in the words of the client

“The launch was announced by a single social media post, which garnered well over 100,000 views within 24 hours. The reaction by the consumer was incredible and unprecedented. Almost overnight we had over 150,000 persons talking about Kinnie Spritz!”

Susan Weenink Camilleri, Head of Marketing & Communications, Simonds Farsons Cisk.

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