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The Maltese are almost universally proud of their heritage and national identity, although there is some reticence in younger consumers around overt nationalism. Gin continues to enjoy the same resurgence in popularity across drinking ages, as seen in Europe and the UK. In various drinks categories, there’s an increasing followship for artisan and craft products and small producers (reflecting global trends).

The tiny archipelago of Malta is a place of unrivalled natural beauty; from the iridescent waters of Blue Lagoon to hidden caves and breath-taking cliffs. It is here that Islands8 story began. The first of its kind, Islands8 is crafted from eight indigenous botanicals, hand-picked for their fragrant herbal aromas to give it a smooth, refreshing taste. The true taste of Malta.

Creating a brand narrative and design system with real meaning for drinkers, enabling the brand to live in the hand, heart and mind, whilst creating a platform for future growth, locally and beyond. How could the visual language of Malta inspire us, without resorting to cliché?


The challenge was to strike the right balance between authenticity and exuberance, to create a premium and contemporary design that would captivate the target audience whilst communicating Islands8’s credibility. In amplifying the brand essence of ‘Full-on Malta’, Islands8’s now has a modern identity that is refreshingly bold.

The new design cleverly incorporates the Number 8 as window into the world of Malta, whilst the detail within and finishing of the rest of the label elevates the brand’s Maltese credentials – from it’s Islamic tiles and iconic metalwork ħabbata door knockers, to is filagree ironwork and Sandstone terraces.

Its updated colour palette of vibrant ocean blues and rich sandstone hues creates a dramatic effect whilst also being reminiscent of the unique terroir of the island and setting the tone for a new brand story.

the results

The design balances a contemporary style illustration, mixed with a classic typography that is evocative of an era. The result feels elegant and timeless, yet full of energy. At the same time, our digital and OOH communications capture the spirit of Malta, inviting consumers to close their eyes, feel the heat, hear the waves, sit back, and relax. All in all, Islands8 has been a resounding success.

in the words of the client

A big, heartfelt thank you goes out to the awesome Bluemarlin team! You’ve truly worked wonders in giving Islands8 gin a vibrant and lively personality. With your exceptional skills, you’ve turned it into a masterpiece that perfectly captures our thoughts and aspirations. We could feel your passion and dedication shining through every stage of the rebranding process.

The result? A product that effortlessly catches the eye on store shelves, captivating both our loyal fans and exciting new enthusiasts. We can’t express enough how grateful we are for your tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to excellence. You’ve truly made magic happen!

– George Xuereb & Annabel Xuereb, Co-Founders, Islands8 –

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