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Swiss brand elmex is a long-established leader of the northern European oral care category with a trusted authority rooted in the notion of the “selfless scientist” and a genuine mission to improve public oral health.

However, the brand’s somewhat clinical look and feel were out of step with new trends in the category and a more emotive connection with consumers was called for. The strategic aim was to honour elmex’s classic Swiss aesthetic, protecting its loyal consumer base, whilst creating saliency for new users.  The wider portfolio challenge was to attract consumers in need of specific oral care remedies and make elmex a long-term oral care companion through the dental life-stages of childhood to mature adulthood. elmex promises “healthy teeth for a lifetime.”


Our primary aim was to maximise the positive aspects of elmex’s ‘Sage’ personality archetype, evolving it from a technical, traditional, “you should” oral care brand to a warmer, contemporary “you could” mentoring driven brand.  The core brand idea was entitled “Active Swiss Precision” and our creative work modernised key visual equities of the brand whilst introducing a new sense of dynamism, reaffirming the ‘product truth’ inherent in its chemistry.  In a category driven by an array of niche product claims and ‘action graphics,’ our designs across the whole elmex portfolio bring a sense of considered calm and reassuring Swiss restraint.

the results

The share of purchase increased by 12ppts from 35% to 47%. The value perception for the cavity range increased from 22% to 34% and the purchase intent from 70% to 80%. For the sensitivity range the value perception increased from 53% to 64% and the purchase intent from 63% to 74%.

Bluemarlin modernised and developed key visual equities of the brand whilst introducing a new sense of dynamism, reaffirming the “product truth” inherent in its chemistry.

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