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Golar Power (GP) approached bluemarlin to generate a new company name and identity for their industry-leading energy business. Their integrated downstream LNG solutions bring together three segments: LNG import and storage; power generation from natural gas-fired power stations; fuel distribution.


Following interviews with each of GP’s directors, we developed a revised brand strategy framework, including a strong company purpose – making energy transition affordable, sustainable and reliable. Then followed a rigorous assessment/feasibility naming process. Hygo was the clear winner, before we moved into design…

the results

The new Hygo logo identity is a unique and distinctive expression, representing the ‘always on’ guarantee that Hygo’s operations provide. All developments were completed within 12 weeks, from start to finish, to meet Hygo’s IPO timeline. Within six months of creating the brand it was bought by New Fortress Energy for $2.18 billion on January 13th 2021.

our strategy, creative and client services worked in genuinely integrated teams to create a rigorous and inspirational solution

in the words of the client

“We gave bluemarlin a very challenging brief and a very challenging deadline. They listened and they delivered. From naming through to design, they provided cogent insights, innovative ideas and inspirational designs. We now have a highly distinctive name and identity. It signifies our exigent purpose and symbolises our exciting future.”

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