Aquarius Glucocharge

instant energy


Coca Cola India were keen to establish Aquarius Glucocharge as the brand of Instant Energy in the hearts and minds of Indian Consumers, in an Enhanced Hydration category that was not well defined or understood. Our redesign needed to bring the proposition “Energy that gives a sense of lightness” alive, whilst considering how we could begin to develop distinct visual assets for the attribute of Instant Energy.


While hydration is key, emphasis was needed on the fact that the brand is a glucose-based drink. The new pack lays equal emphasis on Aquarius Glucocharge and its hydration cues. A shift to the leaping tiger removes any confusion in the consumers’ minds between Aquarius Glucocharge and its competition.

the leaping tiger

The Tiger is the national animal of India and semiotically means ultimate Physical Prowess. With Aquarius Glucocharge, the objective for the product was to get people from an “un me”, physically drained place to a “me” state, full of energy and power.

The evolved design meant that Aquarius Glucocharge resonated with consumers as a brand that brings out the tiger within, and brought our creative territory of “Instantly in Charge” to life.


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