broad with edge


When Spike TV launched in 2003, the young, male-skewed network targeted an underserved audience who were leaving television in favour of video games. Spike was a place where men could find programming for men.

That male audience has now shifted, the 18-49 demographic are increasingly unafraid to appear unconventional. They considered themselves fearless, rogue and not afraid to take a different path. It was time for Spike TV to follow suit.


What began as a culture powered by adrenaline needed to evolve with the benefit of life’s experience. The goal: to become “broad with edge”. To deliver original programming created to engage, inspire and push the boundaries of the unexpected. The challenge: a brand that appeals to anybody with a restless spirit, a strong sense of competition, a love of risk and a desire to elevate their game. bluemarlin worked with Spike to be braver. To reimagine a new identity that reflects this disruptive move forward and brings more edge, more focus and a stronger voice to the brand.


A bold logo with an extractable graphic, designed to work across platforms. A vast toolkit of colours and typefaces that give Spike variation on screen and a uniquely brave appearance. A brand that ignited discussion and unites the restless. A personality that is ambitious, authentic, relatable, clever, celebratory, diverse, inspiring, emotional, edgy, engaging and disruptive.

The evolved identity encompasses Spike TV’s strategic shift to programming that is not merely designed to wash over you. It’s there to move you. To be discussed, challenged, and to connect you with a like-minded, spike-minded community.


in the words of the client

“When you look at the new brand identity, that idea of the ‘broad with edge’ really comes through. To see the new identity on air, to see it on business cards, to see it in the lobby, to see it on websites, to see it on your phone – it was a really nice moment knowing how much hardwork, partnership and strategy had gone into that”

Terry Minogue. SVP Brand Manager & Creative, Spike TV


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