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indulgence where it matters


Insight revealed that a large millennial female cohort, whilst over investing in their personal care and beauty needs, were under investing in oral care. Whilst they saw good oral care as a vital daily hygiene practice, it was regarded as a laborious and monotonous task. It’s a universal sentiment. By contrast, many of these consumers used their favourite personal care, hair or beauty brands as part of a self-care regime. Getting ready has after all, always been part of the fun of going out. The market was therefore wide open for a brand to genuinely beautify oral care, opening consumers’ minds to the possibility of actually enjoying the oral care ritual, making it more of a pleasure and less of a chore.


For all parties involved, creative inspiration came from the wide array of beauty and personal care brands that use every aspect of product and structural design, every scintilla of print and production detail to elevate and romance the user experience. Our creative territory was entitled “Indulgence where it matters” and introduced the idea that although two minutes of brushing would never be like two hours in a spa, it could be an invigorating and self-affirming pleasure.

With Elixir (a name that speaks to the transformative power of the product formulae) every sense and every step of the brushing experience is elevated and celebrated. The ‘tottle’, created by Colgate Palmolive Packaging and their partners, makes for a display-worthy pack, it’s ergonomic design a joy to hold. The gliding action of the pump puts an end to ugly toothpaste tubes. Our crafted word mark, with its foil finish, is elegantly aspirational, echoing the flow of the gel. And the dynamic graphic language heroes the magic of the active ingredients within.

With Elixir every sense and every step of the brushing experience is elevated and celebrated...Toothpaste can now be proudly on display, no longer tucked away.


This is breath taking design with beauty-inspired ingredients in a unique packaging technology that is recyclable and designed to let people enjoy the toothpaste to the last drop.

Liz Mellone, Worldwide Director of Oral Care Packaging.

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