Strength of character in the heart of the Med


Cisk, Malta’s most iconic and recognised brand, is internationally affirmed as an award-winning lager. Holding a special place within the national consciousness, the brand elicits a strong sense of pride and loyalty in its established consumer base. Modern is such a misused word these days, but Cisk and the entire Farsons organisation is genuinely modern. The brewery and the brand is rooted in the aesthetic of the modernist period. This iconic brewery was being built shortly after the Empire State Building and Chrysler building in NYC. This was a time of dynamic change and innovative optimism.


Before commencing the redesign, bluemarlin undertook an extensive strategic phase, to fully understand the rich heritage and cultural significance of the brand.

The project focused on the limited edition makeover of Cisk Lager packaging with an additional exploration of customised glassware and inspiration for a variety of other brand touchpoints for on-trade and off-trade environments.

the results

The resulting proposition for Cisk’s commemorative campaign makes reference to the iconic Farsons’ brewery in Malta, the home of Cisk since 1929, and its art deco style. Our creative approach honours the way in which Cisk remains rooted in tradition but is still contemporary and relevant 90 years later. The illustration of the brewery is created with simple line-work and interlocking geometrical shapes. The bold colour palette links the iconic red and yellow of the Cisk brand with light blue inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. A vibrant purple adds a final contemporary twist.

The brand, like the brewery, is a modern icon.

in the words of the client

“As we approached our 90th birthday, we recognised the opportunity to celebrate Cisk in all its glory – its exceptional quality, its deep-rooted connection to the Maltese, and its commitment to providing a constant source of enjoyment and social entertainment.

Bluemarlin excavated 90 years of history to unearth the enduring principles that are to be Cisk’s legacy, then brought it to life with creativity that is bold, brave and exciting – a brilliant way to commemorate Malta’s first lager.”

Susan Weenink Camilleri, Head of Sales and Marketing at Simonds Farsons Cisk.


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