Tony Fox

Tony Fox

Executive Creative Director

Tony has over 25 years’ experience working globally with companies, organisations, even countries to define and develop their identities, communications and brand experiences. 

He is an award winning creative who specializes in 360˚ brand thinking and bringing ideas to life. In his career Tony’s sent a logo into space (Virgin), designed a football that’s been kicked by Ronaldo (UEFA), helped launch the first smart phone (Nokia), branded an Olympics (London 2012), created a number one album cover (Sony Records), and most importantly helped Welsh Grannies get their mail on time (Royal Mail)! 

He’s passionate about ideas and their power to create positive change. As Executive Creative Director he champions bluemarlin’s fully integrated offer, to deliver Brand acceleration in hand, heart and mind through design, digital, and communications.  

He’s a sport loving, music listening, art going, photo taking, foodie traveller!