Thatchers Gold

Myrtle Farm goes down under


Thatchers Cider is known in the UK for its quality and Somerset roots but was suffering from a lack of awareness amongst Australian consumers. It was misperceived as old fashioned and consumers were forced to form an opinion of the brand based on limited information, relying upon preconceptions and stereotypical ideas about Britishness and the category. In order to connect with the Australian consumer, Thatchers needed an engaging story that drove relevance, authenticity and premiumness.


bluemarlin was tasked with creating a distinct cider offering in the Australian market, and better differentiating ‘Gold’ from a well know Queensland beer that had the same name. After speaking with consumers and trade vendors across three States, we identified that there was a preference for authentic farm products and respect for the generational craft.

By focusing on the brand truths, we created a stronger positioning and proposition around a new brand essence ‘real cider, from a real farm, made by real people. The real deal since 1904.


Thatchers Gold relaunched with a refreshed identity, made up of iconic assets that work seamlessly across communication and environments. The brand’s rich heritage and the authentic farm-to-glass story are captured through hand-drawn illustrations, a natural colour palette, and crafted typography, reflecting the simple provincial charm and promising a refreshing drop!

The redesign strikes a perfect balance between heritage and modernity, mainstream and independence, approachability and premiumness.

a word from the team

“Thatchers already had a powerfully authentic story of provenance, commitment to craft and great-tasting quality. Unfortunately, no one in Australia knew it. Our design communicates this story in a fresh, modern way – without any pretension. Its simple, honest-to-goodness aesthetic reflects the brand’s grounded and uncomplicated approach to crafting premium quality cider.”

– David Hodgson – Creative Partner –

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