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Kinnie is a carbonated Mediterranean soft drink, with a uniquely bittersweet orange and herbal flavour. Inspired by the well-known chinotto drinks enjoyed across Italy, it has been enjoyed by successive generations since its beginnings in1952. For many older brand loyalists, it never lost its appeal but, younger audiences, familiar with global soft drink mega-brands, were failing to understand its relevance.


This was far more than just a design brief and represents one of our most comprehensive strategic and creative projects in recent years. It demanded a total reappraisal of Kinnie’s Brand Fundamentals and a reinvention of its iconic assets.

the results

We ultimately repositioned the brand as a timeless classic with a “modern retro” attitude, a brand with a relevance not only to Malta’s fascinating past, but also its exciting future.

celebrate the past, embrace the future, drink in the now

in the words of the client

“Our bold new designs reflect our ambition to grow Kinnie into a truly global brand.

We have looked at trends and listened to consumers across generations. The result is a redesigned iconic brand that takes a great leap forward.”

Susan Weenink Camilleri, Head of Marketing & Communications, Simonds Farsons Cisk.

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