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Forces Sauces is the result of one man’s determination to give back, and his entrepreneurial grit to succeed. That man is Bob Barrett, a veteran of the Queen’s Life Guards, who after being diagnosed with cancer in 2004 decided to create Forces Sauces – with all profits dedicated to getting the lives of other veterans back on track. Bob approached bluemarlin to help him take the idea nationwide. We worked with Bob, the Stoll Foundation and the Royal British Legion to create a worthy brand identity for the range of condiments.


With such strong leaders in the UK’s Brown Sauce and Tomato Ketchup categories, the reasons to believe and buy Forces Sauces would have to be emphasised at every step of the consumer experience. After extensive market analysis, we observed a predictable set of codes that dominated the categories, leading us to explore how Forces Sauces could create disruption in a meaningful and relevant way…

the results

On launch, Forces Sauces secured immediate listings in 897 Tesco sites and 157 Waitrose stores nationwide. The brand won six industry awards for design, innovation, and charitable endeavour in its first year, and generated a tsunami of media attention across the UK. Most recently, it’s been featured for its packaging design in The Best Condiments Packaging Designs by DesignRush.

in the words of the client

“Forces Sauces is now born. Now we have to nurture it, teach it to crawl, and wait for it to utter its first words – we are the parents. None of it could have happened without the best brand maternity team out there, bluemarlin.”

Bob Barret, Founder, Forces Sauces


a final word

Every bottle of Forces Sauces donates at least 6p towards supporting beneficiaries of The Royal British Legion and Stoll. With £200 million spent every year in the UK on Tomato Ketchup and Brown Sauce, Forces Sauces aims to raise substantial funds to support their vital work. To make a donation, please visit or Thank you.

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