Strength of character in the heart of the Med


Cisk Lager is Malta’s most iconic and recognised brand in the local market. Launched in 1929, its successful brand evolution and diversification have made it a key brand for owner Simonds Farsons Cisk, and a much loved brand across Maltese islands and peoples.

The winner of international beer awards, it has established itself as Malta’s national beer, competing well at home and abroad against the worlds’s top brands.

Over its 90 years life time, it has gone through various Identity evolutions that have remained close to history, heritage and origin of the original livery. The time had come to take a bolder, more modern approach to update and revitalise the brands look and feel.


Inspired by reference to developments by leading international beer brands in their identity systems, which were evolving with more confidence and a greater focus on the amplification of fewer brand assets, Cisk invited bluemarlin to initiate a review of its identity with the aim to make it bolder, more modern and better integrated across all brand touch points.

Initially focusing on packaged Can and Bottle formats for Cisk Lager, a golden, bottom-fermented 4.2% ABV brew unchanged since origin, we were asked to extend the Identity review to Cisk Excel low-carbohydrate 4.2% ABV lager, Cisk Zero 0% ABV, Cisk Chill flavored lagers, Cisk Export, Cisk Pilsner, and Cisk Strong 9% -12% ABV


Relaunched at the start of June’23, initial consumer and trade reaction has been very positive and complimentary. We strategically wrote and creatively storyboarded the new TVC, that was produced by a local island partner and aired  on June 16th uniting the nation in ‘Yellow’.

in the words of the client

“The modernised Cisk brand identity comprises many elements, working together to create something greater. The upgraded iconic assets will work beautifully in any environment – events, points of sale, communication touchpoints, still and animated campaigns. We have worked with bluemarlin since 2018 and have, over the years, established a level of trust that allows for open collaboration. By explaining the value of every change, bluemarlin has taken us on an enlightening brand journey with every project. We’re incredibly proud of what Cisk has achieved to date and equally excited about what the future holds.”
– Susan Weenink Camilleri, Head of Sales and Marketing at Simonds Farsons Cisk – 

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